Dream Daddy – Ways To Get Robert’s Ending, All S Rank Date Alternatives

Most of the discussion choices and actions had a need to get all S ranking times and Robert’s closing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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For anyone looking to unlock all dad endings in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, focusing on how to obtain Robert’s closing could be extremely helpful. It is because Robert may be a little hard to speak to as he’s standoffish, careless, and reckless. Nonetheless, deeply down beneath that layer of grit resides a concealed soft part. If you’re having a difficult time getting right through to Robert, no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll get the steps had a need to get all S rank times and Robert’s closing in Dream Daddy.

Dream Daddy – Ways To Get Robert’s Ending

The initial step in getting Robert’s closing in Dream Daddy would be to set off watching “the Game” when prompted. This can simply take you to definitely a club where meet that is you’ll, and down the road, Robert. Out of this point ahead, you’ll need certainly to find the after alternatives:

  • Don’t buy Mary a glass or two.
  • I enjoy shots.
  • Complement his Cool Leather Jacket.
  • Operating far from my dilemmas.
  • No, many thanks.
  • Get back to contact phone number bbpeoplemeet rest.

From then on, go ahead and make whichever choices you love, bearing in mind that you’ll would you like to pursue Robert most importantly associated with the other Dream Daddies. When you are getting to your yard barbecue, you’ll want to choose the choice that lets you speak with Robert and Brian.

As soon as you’ve chatted them up, you may either speak with one other dads, or mind directly for burger time.Read More